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. holmes was apprehended outside, in a white hyundai in the back of the theater. >>> good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for most of us it's unfathomable. a man armed to the teeth looking to do damage. amber lee is live in san jose to show us the mood at bay area theaters that are showing the dark knight rises. but our coverage begins with the movie that did not go as scripted. >> reporter: this graphic illustrates what some folks said as the smoke spread and they saw a silhouette on the screen of the gunman. at first they thought it was a part of the movie. then reality hit with the movies. >> we thought it was part of the movie, there was a shoot out scene. >> there was this one guy who was on all fours crawling. there was this girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. >> the first thing we see is a 14 or 15-year-old girl with bullets in her chest and her head, she was about to die there. >> reporter: her injured daughter has been releaseed from the hospital. >> people were running away. i hit the ground so i wou
with yesterday's mass shooting. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and right now an emotional scene is taking place in aurora, colorado, where 12 people were killed yesterday and that is also where dozens more were injured. meantime the investigation into that killing has entered a new phase tonight. authorities in aurora, colorado said all major threats from the apartment. suspected shooter, james holmes, have been eliminated. >> a bomb squad diffused several explosives in the booby- trapped apartment. explosives expects tock out a tripwire that was set to trigger an explosion if someone opened a door. in the meantime, a memorial for the victims of the shooting grew today with people bringing flowers and candles to an area across the street from the movie theater. we now want to tell you about two sisters from the north bay who came frightening close when the bullets became to fly in that movie theater. >> reporter: some that the memorial in aurora, colorado had to physically hold each other up. one 17-year-old told us he lost two friends. >> just hearing that phone call, t
-old james holmes. he evacuated his apartment complex after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosives and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or days. >> reporter: as the investigation into the crime continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today, we will get back on our feet. we will move ahead. >> reporter: the president held a moment of silence and called for a day of prayer and reflection. >> it's -- the reminder that the -- life is very fragile. our time here, is limited and it's precious. >> reporter: holmes could be in court as early as monday. >> police are patrolling movie theaters around the bay area to help fears about violence. in jack london square, police are taking on a hands on approach. >> two weeks ago though not deadly, five were shot outside in jack london square. today's shooting has police concerned and she this very added more officers to beef up patrols. police on high alert after 12 people were kill
no augend a. he was just shooting people. >> reporter: he was 24-year-old james holmes. officers searched his car and evacuated the apartment complex where he lives. after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determines that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosive and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or day. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today but we will get back on our feet. >> reporter: the president held a moment of silence and called for a day of prayer and reflection in memory of the victim. >> it's a reminder that life is very fragile. our time here is limited and it's precious. >> reporter: are holmes could be in court as early as monday. >> and more details on james holes. he has also lived as a boy just outside the bay area. he was going to the university of colorado medical school but was in the process of withdrawing. septemberors say he used four weapons including an ak-47 with an extra large drum that could carry more
h -- heather holmes. >> a ride on six flags' roller coaster turned into a 90 minute ordeal. this afternoon the riders became stuck on the new superman ride and an hour ago fire crews brought the last rider to safety. ktvu's patty lee is live where she talked with some of the witnesses. >> reporter: you can see the superman ride behind me, those guests were hanging 150 feet in two cars on top of this track for an hour and a half. you can see crews used a crane to hoist a cage up to the ride and an engineer freed the cars that ran back down the track. a spokeswoman said the ride got stuck after the first tower. they have been uprite the whole time -- up right the whole time. the ride was working this morning and this is the first roller coaster in a decade and there were crowds lined up to see it. >> waiting to go on this ride. one of the main reasons i came here. it shouldn't be stuck. it is better they weren't upside down. >> reporter: six flags president is coming out to speak with us. he will have details on what happened to stop the ride, how they found a way to fix the
down on drinking and driving under age on party buses. >>> james holmes was in court today. holmes is charged with one count of possession of explosives in addition to the murder charges. cameras were not allowed in court today but when holmes made his court appearance a week ago, his hair was died red. he was -- was dyed red. he looked dazed and confused. >>> a battle of two tech companies is beginning today. apple and samsung are locked in a multi-million dollar dispute. kara has more. >> reporter: right now jury selection isunderway here in san jose. this jury pool is from the silicon valley. the judge has been asking folks whether they personally have had business folks the, the long loin in the -- front of the federal courthouse gives you and idea. we saw part of the apple team going in. dozens of journalists from all over. >> this is a clear decision one way or the other. it will have a tremendous impact on the industry. it could free up many design elements or bod -- for broader use. it could also -- the decision went apple's way and could restrict the -- certain ideas. >> r
and prosecutors say that james holmes could face the death penalty. he's accused of booby-trapping his apartment where investigators seized a batman poster and a map connected to the movie. 12 moviegoers died and 5 were wounded in the shooting. >>> at a vigil honoring victims, colorado's governor diminished the triggerman. >> and i refuse to say his name. [ cheers ] >> governor john licken looper and other -- hickenlooper and others spoke in colorado yesterday. he explained that he and the nation feel their pain. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> and president obama consoled the brother of jessica ghawi killed in the shooting. he also met with those wounded and are recovering. >>> coming up at 7:15, why some republicans say gun control is not the answer. we will also have continuing coverage throughout the morning and we have additional photos on the tab at >>> president obama is here in the bay area this morning, a day earlier than scheduled after his visit to colorado. this is a live picture. there is air force o
the gunman. 24-year-old james holmes was a science student at the university of colorado's medical school. he was in the process of dropping out when this happened. they describe him as a loaner. they believe he planned and carried out the mass shooting on his own. >> there is a shooting in the auditorium. >> at least one person is shot. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. >> reporter: people were 30 minutes into watching the batman premiere when the gunman burst in. and detonated smoke canisters and then he started shooting. >> he came down with the gun in my face. 3 feet away from me at this point. i didn't know what to do. i was terrified. i jumped forward into the aisle and buried myself in there and hide myself. he was shooting people behind me and the casings were on me. >> there was a eresidents eery pause. >> he was going up the stairs and reloading. we kind of crawls down the stairs and ran out. ran out the theater. > >> and in the parking lot of the theater, he had an assault rifle and three guns with him. he was dressed in tactical gear. >> he was wearing a
are outside the apartment of the subject, james eagan holmes. authorities so far have been unable to diffuse the express i haves and boobytraps inside. the threeter in aurora remains closed. police say it's a massive crime scene that will take days to process. law enforcement including agents from the f.b.i. and a.t.f. have been gathering evidence and are still trying to figure out what led to the killing rampage. 12 people died and 58 others were injured. 11 remain in critical condition. this was one of the largest mass shootings in u.s. history. >> the thing that affects me most is just seeing that young girl just laying there just shot. she's just a little kid still. you know, like how -- like it's just not right. >> and coming up in 30 minutes, we will go live to aurora, colorado, for more on what investigators are doing this morning. >>> aurora's police chief became emotional when describing what yesterday was like for his own officers. >> our cops went through a lot. they rushed people out of that -- that theater, into police cars. -- >> chief dan oates says the officers arrived within
in the county jail are saying about suspect james holmes. >>> we are live in walnut creek where many church goers here are trying to make sense of the incident in colorado. >>> a chp officer calls for help after his patrol car is hit and shots were fired. what happened and the search for suspects this morning. . >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, july 22nd. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will go to rosemary orozco with what we can expect. you said it was a nice one, rosemary. >> that's right. we are not going to be as hot. we have signs already this morning. a deep are marine layer and numbers are down. minor drops in temps will come when the sea breeze picks up just a bit more. it will continue as we get back into the work week. we will have the numbers for you, coming up. >>> colorado authorities are refuting reports that they are looking at a second suspect. a denver tv station said they were trying to investigate a second person in the case. they said this individual is an acquaintance of james holmes and they are trying to track down a
is in central colorado to explain why it could take so long to find the motive. >> james holmes, making his first court appearance today, investigators say holmes is refusing to cooperate, and it could take months to learn exactly what prompted the attack on movie goers at the midnight "batman" film days ago. >> ordinarily individuals are titled to bail. given the nature of the charges, you are currently being held on a no bond hold. >> i just have all this anger built up. >> reporter: two girls who were in the theater in the shooting, one with a bullet lodged in her chin, say they want to be in court to see holmes begin to face the justice system. >> for how much hurt he's done to this whole state and nation, i mean, i don't think he's hurting yet, and i think he needs to. >> i definitely have had my moments where i just completely lose it, and so we'll see what happens when i actually see him. >> reporter: police say they have cleared out all of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from de
. >>> the suspect in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver
at the century theater in aurora. the gunman is innedded as 24- year-old james holmes -- is identified as 24-year-old james holmes. he kicked opens the emergency -- he kirked open the emergency door -- he kicked open the emergency door he was wearing a gas mask. >> and smoke took over. it was really thick. nobody could see anything. me and my sister were sitting there wondering what was going on. >> cell phone video captured the scene. allie rasmus joins with us more witness accounts. >> we have an update on one of the victims. in our last report we told but a 3-month-old baby who had been shot. well, now doctors have confirmed that the baby has been treat and released. so that's good news. the suspected gunman is james holmes of aurora, colorado. bomb squad investigators cement the morning searching thru his apartment. they broke through the window. they didn't find anything. although police say they did find some items of interest that will help them with their investigation in this. there were a lot of teens and kids in in this audience where the movie was showing. the gold medal wore gas mas
at the theater in aurora. >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and today bomb experts diffused several devices in the important of this suspect in the shooting at the colorado movie theater. they took out a tripwire set to set off an explosion if somebody opened the door. officials say they have eliminated all major threats from the apartment. aurora's police chief said the explosives were clearly meantly kill police officers. >> what has happened to our city, what has happened to these wonderful people would live here and also what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> police would not comment on what might have motivated the suspected gunman james hoeffels he in the rampage that killed 12 people and left 70 wounded on friday, but said the massacre was planned for months. >> in the meanwhile we're learning more about the chaotic scene. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in colorado tonight where he just spoke to two young women from the north bay, who narrowly escaped getting hurt. >> reporter: for melee and linn
will face. james holmes is accused of shooting and killing 12 people injurerring 58 more during -- injuring 58 more during the prehere showing of the batman movie. this is his second appearance in court but this time cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom. one of the victims in the theater rampage was pregnant at the time. 25-year-old ashley mozer already lost her six-year-old daughter veronica during that mass shooting. now doctors say she had a miscarriage. doctors say she lost her unborn child because of extreme trauma. lawyers are saying this latest death will not have an impact on the charges against holmes. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar is expected to enter a plea tomorrow. garcia torres has a 9:30 court hearing. he is being held without bail. they linked torres through the case with dna found. ktvu spoke with lumery's family. they will not be at tomorrow's hearing. that will be in court when the trial begins. lamar's sister wishes the suspect will tell investigators about the disappearance of lamar. >> if it's the worst then we don't wa
-old james holmes. authorities believe he acted alone in this mass shooting and he doesn't appear to have any terrorism connections. but when he was arrested holmes told police he had explosives at his house. we are a live picture to show you. the picture you are looking at is the movie theater where this happened. earlier the bomb squad was at the suspects home. they used a cherry picker to peer through the window. there were some items of interest found in this man's apartment but no explosives. again you are looking at a live picture of the movie theater where this happened. police arrested holmes in the movie theater parking lot. earlier they were checking his car for explosives. they didn't find any there. police revised some of the numbers. 12 people were killed not 14. dozens more were hurt. reports are between 40-50 people injured. the youngest person injure asked a three-month-old baby that was shot. this happened during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. witnesses say the gunman kicked in the emergency exit door to the theater. he wore a gas masked. he detonated what appear
2 morning news. >>> the man accused of the colorado shooting in a movie theater. james holmes has not been cooperating. police cleared explosives say they found a batman mask inside the holmes is suspected of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others in a midnight screening of the dark knight rises. >>> a.j. >> colorado's governor read the names outside of city hall and the large crowd responded with we will remember. president barack obama talked about the surviving victims. >> it reminds you even in the darkest days life continues. >> he encouraged survivors to stay strong. he visited with members of the survivors and they each shared stories about their loved ones. >>> two men died while protecting their girlfriends two others were members of the military and another graduated from high school and was planning to go to college in the fall. >>> we have additional photos on our aurora massacre tab of our website >>> and in election news, president barack obama is waking up here in the bay area and he is here a day earlier than expected following his visit to colorado
is hurting yet. >> holmes is going to be charged with first-degree murder next week and they will discuss the death penalty option before making that decision. >>> coming up, the claims the survivor is making against the theater and the shooting suspect's doctors. >>> they are due back in court. they will appear before a judge for a free trial hearing. last month they let not guilty after last we ares attack and the father bryan stow suffered severe brain injuries. >>> and they are celebrating the release of a dvd benefitting the bryan stow foundation. it includes 3rd baseman's coach and it held one for one fran earlier in year. how is it looking, sal >>> would look at what we have, as we come out to the mcarthur maze, mcarthur maze continuing all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is going to be light trying to get into san francisco with little or no delay. also the morning look good but the roads are still open. let go to steve. >>> much calmer today, west southwest 24 t- fso sap hoss, 50s on the temperatures, dew point yesterday, a in up with lifting that fog a little bit. fo
suspect, james holmes had been taking target practice. the l.a. times reports they are looking for items look a brochure leading him to a gun change. the suspect had been practicing at a shooting range. >>> and at 9:00, the famous core went dark for one minute. it was a gesture of solidarity with moviegoers and movie lovers around the world and a donation box was set up at the event. >>> a new poll found 49% of voters preferred president barack obama compared to mitt romney. that same poll found the negative tone of the presidential campaign has been reduced with both voters. >>> last month upholding the healthcare may actually leave many uninsured. it was expected to cover 33 million people and an estimated 3 million will not be covered because they have required states to expand their medicare programs. the law will cost $84 billion less over the next decade. they are due to explain making less than $40 million a year. it is not expected to pass. >>> let's check in with a look at traffic, how are things, sal? >>> we have a couple of things but for the most part i think it is a decent
. >>> the gunman in the shootings in colorado made his first court appearance today. james holmes appeared dazed wearing a jump suit, his hair died orange. he said nothing. the judge told him he would face first degree murder charges and will be held without bail. the district attorney expects to file charges next week. >> i would say there is no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we are still looking at the evidence and we would never presume it would be slam dunk. >> families and victims from the movie theater shooting attended today's hearing. 12 people died and 58 others injured. a lawyer for james holmes' family in california spoke out today and read a statement from the defendant's mother. >> he asked if my son was james holmes who lives in aurora, colorado. i answered yes, you have the right person. i was referring to myself. >> she stated she knew nothing about the shootings that time. the lawyer said the family is doing as well as anyone could under the circumstances. but she said she is concerned for their personal safety. the family also expressed concerned for the vic
. in just a couple of hours, the man suspected in the movie theater massacre will face a judge. james holmes is not cooperating with the police. they are investigating whether he used his position in his graduate's program to collect hazardous materials. he is accused of boobie trapping his apartment where he collected several things connected to the batman movies. 12 were killed on friday and several others wounded and police are trying to figure out a motive which could take a long time. >>> well at a vigil, the governor of colorado diminished the accused gunman. >> i refuse to say his name. [applauds] >> that is the governor and he and others spoke before thousands at aurora colorado yesterday. president barack obama met with grieving family members saying he and the nation feel their pain. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> now the president consoled the brother of jessica and he spoke with others who were wounded and now recovering. they pushed to ban assault weapons like the ones used in the aurora massacre.$♪ com
holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. as aurora struggles to heal, president obama speaks to those who lost loved ones. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the president said he came not only as president but also as a father and a husband. he said family shared tears, accepted hugs but also shared laughter as they recalled their loved ones. seven people remained in critical condition tonight in the hospital. president obama visited today during his stop in colorado. meantime a huge crowd showed up to honor those who did not survive. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at that vigil and tells us what the governor did not say about the suspect, eric. >> reporter: we've seen some incredible tributes to the victim's really since we got here on friday. just take a look at the crosses, they were brought in by the same man who brought in crosses for the victim of the columbine shooting. >> reporter: one at a time, a crowd of thousands honored e
of the suspected killer. people who shared an apartment building james holmes still can't get back inside so police brought their property out. >> guy -- that shot up the people at the theater was this nut over here. so he was kind of scary. . >> reporter: roberto martinez lived next door and saw holmes the day before the shooting. >> i saw him thursday morning when i was parked there. he came out smoking a cigarette and looking down like something was on his mind. >> reporter: he and some neighbors have finally moved back in after being forced to evacuate on friday after the apartment was found booby trapped. across down the process is much slower and more pain. . on one of the 12 crosses for each of the victims killed jamie becker wrote a personal message to her friend. >> she introduced my brother mark. she had the most beautiful smile. she was a very kind and gentle person. >> reporter: becker said it took 24 hours to find what happened to her friend but reality set in when she saw her car still sitting in the theater parking lot. >> back out here live you hear the music. people have been w
appeared in a colorado courtroom today looking dazed and with his hair died orange. james holmes didn't say a word. his lawyers answered for him when the judge asked him if he understood his rights. 12 people died and 58 were founded in the shooting. family of the victims were in court today. he is expected to be charged next monday. >> an attorney for the parents of james holmes said they will stand by their son and their thoughts are with the victim's fam ames -- families. >> their hearts go out to the victims and their families. the family would like to maintain their privacy. >> she clarified a report that appeared to endicate the mother thought police arrested the right person. the mother said that statement was taken out of context. has a special section devoted to the massacre. you will find video of the court aexperience today and our -- appearance today and our reports. >>> a suspect in a double homicide that left three children without their parents. ktvu was on the scene this morning where a man and a woman were found shot to death inside their home. their three youn
are dead, 30 are hospitalized. 24 year old james holmes is in solitary confinement and represented by a public defender on monday. we'll bring in our fox news colleague jon scott. >> chris, we have new and eerie photos of the suspect and they show him with his hair dyed red. that is sig -- significant. after the new york city chief was briefed, the suspect and shooter had red dyed hair and he told arresting officers that he was the joker. the dye job photos went up on the days immediately before the shooting. along with the caption will you visit me in prison. and after successfully neutralizing the threat in holmes' apartment. using small explosive charges, there was a sophisticated booby trap in the suspect's home. trip wires and flammable liquid devices to kill the first person going through the door and set fire. the investigators were able to comb the place. bringing out bags of evidence including a computer tower. they will be searching for further confirmation of planning. memorials are a daily occurence. praying for the scores of wounded. president obama has decided to make
about a katie holmes and tom cruise divorce deal but this ship is docked for free, the proposal that is making waves with people who want to keep it that way. >> and new research involving pets and babies and the three things that improve in babies when there was a dog or cat around. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, peaches grown right here in california are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. only at safeway. . >>> a ship that carried car go in world war ii is at the center of a battle of words. it has been docked since 1998. shown here 11 years ago. under a deal with the city it is there rent free but now he proposed charging for the space. that has brought on anger from supporters. >> a study out of new hampshire shows 60% of a teen's exposure to smoking is in movies that are pg13. they suggest putting a r rating on smoking movies. >> more evide
channel 2 morning news. >>> james holmes had been taking target practice. investigators returned home and they say they are looking for items such as a receipt or computer search linking him to a gun range. the amount of gunfire suggests that the shooter had been practicing at a firing range. >>> christian bale brought flowers to a memorial near the movie theater. one group has raised nearly $2 million to help victims and their families. >>> now to the presidential elections, a new poll is out showing president barack obama has pulled ahead of mitt romney. several prefer president barack obama. but some are saying the negative tone has reduced the popularity of the candidates with both candidates. >>> and tax cuts are due to expire for families making less than $250,000 a year. coming up at 6:15 we will tell you why the bill is not expected to pass. >>> let's check in with sal for a look at the community this morning. >>> as we told you, the gas leak t- they are at the site of the gas leak in el cerrito in everett street. the gas leak started last night and 12 people had to be evacuat
and there will be -- james holeles. and there will be other charges -- holmes. and there will be other charges. how will the defense move forward? will they be going with this death penalty? here in colorado, this case is eligible for the death penalty because he's facing first- degree murder. but the simple answer is we don't know yet if the prosecution will indeed go with the death penalty. it is a high possibility but they are just saying they are going to take the input from victims, victims' families and then weigh it all. one other issue that will come in court today is the fact that james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist, we know that. apparently he said some sort of package -- sent so many sort of a -- sent some sort of package to the psychiatrist. the prosecutor wants that to be evidence. but his attorney does not. so that's something that the judge will have to decide as well. pam? >> before you go, do we know what was in the package sent to the psychiatrist and the relationship and how important it could be in the case? >> reporter: there's speculation about what was in that package. we
about the behavior of the -- of knew details about the behavior of holmes. he has been spitting on guards so much they're making him wear a face mask. there's also word after he was arrested last friday he pretended that plastic evidence bags on his hands were if you wants. in the mean -- puppets, in the meantimes holmes mother talked about being concerned ability her son and -- about her son and sought counseling for him years ago. >>> tara joins us live downtown with a stinky problem. >> this escalator is not working and a bar customer we spoke to says the one across the street hasn't worked for six months, some are just old customers, need repaired but some are breaking down because homeless people are using them as a public restroom. police handed out citations for locating this morning but unless they catch people in the act of going to the bathroom, they cannot give them a ticket. now, when workers pulled across the civic center escalator last month, what they found was human exclement and had to call in hazmat to remove it, causing the escalator to break down. >> they jus
charges he will face. james holmes is accused of shooting and killing 12 people and injuring 58 more during a midnight showing at the new batman movie. he is expected to face several charges including murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault. this is his second court appearance but this time cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom. one of the victims in the theater rampage was pregnant at the time. 25-year-old ashley mozer already lost her six-year-old daughter veronica during the mass shooting. that is her picture. doctors say ashley has suffered a miscarriage. she lost her unborn child because of extreme trauma. lawyers are saying the latest death will not have an impact on the charges against holmes. >>> a kent state university student who tweeted he wanted to shoot up the campus he is scheduled to be arraigned today. william coberna is charged with inducing panic and aggravating menacing and facing hearings that could lead to him being suspended or dismissed from the university. the president of kent state university says all threats are taken very seriously. >>> the
. his bail is at $100,000. >> james holmes the man accused of the colorado shooting made his second court appearance today. he faces 24 counts of murder which is double the number of victims killed. 12 of the counts are deliberatation and 12 site extreme indifference to the value human life. he faces 116 counts of attempted murder, and other charges related to weapons and explosives. about half of the people in the court were family of the victims. >> expression and kind of a personality of evil to him. he looked very sane to me. >> cameras weren't allowed into the hearing. prosecutors are talking to victims and their family members about if they will seek the death penalty. >>> americans remain divide on the issue of gun control verses gun rights. according to a new poll 47% of americans say it's more important to control gun ownership while 46% say it's more important to protect the rights of americans to own guns. the results fall in the margin of error. more than one thousand were pulled from thursday through sunday. >> it started as a street fight, ended with two young men d
in a colorado theater shooting was seeing a psychiatrist. james holmes was seeing lynn fenton the director of student services at the university of colorado. holmes attorneys are trying to figure out who leaked information that holmes sent the psychiatrist a notebook with descriptions of the attack. they say the leak violate as gag -- violates a gag order in this case. >>> today aj boik was laid to rest. this is the third funeral service of the week for victims of the shooting. >>> police arrested man who threatened that he was planning to go on a shooting rampage at his workplace. his employers were getting ready to fire the man. they found guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in prescott's apartment. when they took him into custody he was wearing a t-shirt that said guns don't kill people, i do. >> we believe this was a significant threat based on some of the mental issue this is individual has. the weapon capability he had. what he said to the employees at pitney bose. >> police are holding prescott on a psychiatric hold. >>> this comes as the doj expects sales of weapon to increa
survivors of the colorado movie thiefer are back home. james holmes made his first court appearance. we're going to go live to aurora, colorado. alisia? >> reporter: good morning. this was an advisement hearing where the judge read him his rights. holmes sat through the whole hearing that lased about ten minutes and he sat away from -- that lasted about ten minutes and he sat away from everybody, near the jury box, separate from his attorneys. no bond. we're told this would be likely a first-degree murder murder. family members were staring straight at him the whole time. holmes did not look at anyone in the courtroom that we were able to see. he kind of looked forward, looked down. sometimes he closed his eyes. we did hear from the district attorney, carol chambers, before and afterwards. she said the death penalty is something that will be considered in this case. however, we won't make that decision for a couple of weeks or months. she says she wants to talk to the victims and the families before the decision is made and she really doesn't have to do that right away. the next step in
an appearance matched colorado's profile. it had reddish orange hair similar to james holmes and it said, will you visit me in prison and the profile was posted before last week's mass shooting. and gun control laws, a moment of silence was held on the floor honoring the victims of the shooting. in the latest debate, house and senate democrats are focusing on ammunition clips but stricter laws will not prevent strategies. >> the widespread view is somebody that unbalanced would find some way to do harm. >> i would just pose this question, how many more moments of silence do we have to have. >> they say they have no plans to touch the issue. they will not pursue perjury charges for mayor ed lee and they also declined and sheriff ross mirkarimi accused mayor ed lee of lying before the ethics commission. mayor ed lee strongly denies those allegations. >>> they say there is a new problem in the other location. people who didn't get housing vouchers seemed to move a half mile away. now the new camp is causing some tension. >> it might -- they might kick us out because it is too many people to
new ride malfunctions stranded a dozen thrill seekers. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it wasn't a bird or a plane that had people looking up in the sky it was the new superman roller coaster ride stuck with a dozen nervous passengers. p atti lee is in sacramento. >> reporter: park officials have not started investigating what stopped this ride today. park officials say that will start tomorrow morning and until they find out they will keep this ride shut down. at 2:30 this afternoon with 12 people on board the ride stopped. around its highest point 150 feet off the ground. >> we arrived we put the crane that's on-site in place. we've actually done some training in case the situation arose. >> reporter: firefighters checked on the passengers while mechanics found a way to release the train and sent all guests back down the tracks ending the 90 minute ordeal. >> they all appear to be in great spirits and hopefully they are enjoying the rest of their day in the park. >> reporter: the park's president says he does not know yet what went wrong but it
massacre, james holmes is two hours a bray his first scheduled court appearance and we will have more on when we will hear from his family. >>> and a patrol car crashed into an office building. >>> two people are found dead in san jose and at this hour police are looking for the shooter. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, wall street is going to track it and more worries about debt and the u.s. economy as well and we'll see a 200 point drop for the dow jones industrial average and we will keep you updated in business. >> we will go ahead and smile and thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is monday july 23rd, i am dave clark. we are following breaking news in san jose this morning. police say a man and a woman were found shot to death inside their home just hours ago. jeanine della vega joins us from the scene where they are searching for at least one gunman, jeanine? >> reporter: that's right, understanding here and there is a lot of police activity going on and police have this area roped off, two blocks until julian street and some of them
, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. >> developing news. investigators are at a hotel in livermore after a body was found today. ktvu's ken pritchett is live at the hotel where officials say this death is suspicious. ken? >> reporter: the police have been at this hotel all day long. if you look at the parking lot you can see the crime scene tape is up, blocking the parking lot. talked to police a half hour ago, they are investigating but cannot yet say what the cause of death is in this case. >> reporter: police could be seen putting up crime tape outside, sections off the parking lot but mest of the work -- most of the work was inside the hotel. he is staying here. >> i looked in the hallway and they had rooms marked off. >> reporter: police say it was a hotel worker who discovered the man and called 911. >> police came. there was a white male in one of the hotel rooms. >> police haven't yet identified the man. the crime tape, tape, the police raise questions for guests at the hotel. including these people. she says her attempt to get ans
by james holmes. he is the suspect in the movie theater shooting. the package contained a notebook in which james holmes described the attack. >>> hundreds of protesters are picketing right now outside of one of san francisco's hotels, the issue that brought so many to the streets. >> and clearing today. fog cleared from the coast but there is drizzle for some neighborhoods, i will tell you where that will occur, i will see you back here in just 10 minutes. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> woman killed this morning on the coast. it happened at 9:20. the driver was in the wrong line as she approached a curve and crashed into a truck. the highway was closed for three hours today. >>> there is a noisy protest at the hyatt hotel in san francisco. some say they are doing twice the wor
reasons katie holmes may have split from tom cruise. the concern she has for her young daughter. >>> the u.s. navy is resuming a target practice program using retired war ships. video of the uss horn before it was towed for military exercises that eventually sank it. later this month they plan to make targets out of three inactive ships at pearl harbor. >>> a judge upheld the ban on guns. they sued arguing people with concealed weapons permits should be able to carry guns in county parks but judge says it does not violate state law. >>> new jersey governor is known for his candor. he had a confrontation with a journalist in which he snapped at a reporter. >> did i say on topic? are you stupid? on topic. on topic. next question. good. thank you. thank you. thank you all very much. i am sorry for them. >> the governor would only answer questions at a water treatment plant. >>> there is a glut of lubster on the east coast -- lobster on the east coast. it is selling for $3.79 a pound. the association is pushing for lobster on the bbq in hopes of clearing out the crop. >>> tmz is reporting kati
holmes will be formally charged on monday. authorities have seized a package he sent to the psychiatrist and say the materials are privileged and cannot be used in court. there is reportedly a notebook mapping out plans for a massacre. the defense is accused of leaking details about the case to the media. police fear copy cats and it almost happened in maryland. coming up, the alleged threat that got one man arrested. >>> and this morning one athlete has already tested positive for steroids. a 20-year-old albanian weight lifter failed and has been sent home. a 23-year-old woman from china won the air rifle competition. michael phelps was the last man to qualify for the individual 400-meter butterfly and he told reporters, quote, that wasn't didn't feel too good. the opening ceremony including queen elizabeth hopping on a helicopter with james bond, actor daniel craig. it then emerges at her private box. more than 130 cyclists were arrested after trying to pedal their way past the security barricade at the opening ceremonies. no serious injuries were reported. authorities say they were ta
] [ male announcer ] "hope springs." rated pg-13. >>> james holmes the man accused of the colorado movie theater shooting was charged today with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder. he was charged twice for each victim, one count included murder with deliberation, the other is murder with extreme indifference. those who were at the hearing said he appears unemotional as he heard the charges. >>> one of the man suspected of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl turned himself in. an amber alert was issued yesterday for eunice serrato. her boyfriend and the boyfriend's father took her but the father has turned himself in. investigators fear the boyfriend may be taking her to mexico. >>> the suspect in the sierra lamar disappearance is expected to enter a plea tomorrow. antolin garcia-torres is charged with killing sierra lamar. he was arrested 5 weeks after she vanished. >>> crews hoisted up the first of 14,000 steel beams this morning, they will form the frame work of the new stadium. by this afternoon more beams were put in place. today 300 people were working. by the end of t
infestation. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> we begin font with breaking news in the east bay. and 8-year-old girl along with a 22-year-old man are being treated for gunshot wounds after a shooting at a home in bay point. our reporter has just arrived and has more detail. >> reporter: in the last 45 minutes or so, a family member of the 8ed with came right out from the corner to meet to us tell us that the little girl appears to have been shot in the knee but at this point, they don't know what happened. the family says she was rush here to john muir. the contra costa county sheriff's office confirm the girl and the 22-year-old man were both hit by bullets when an unknown man started shooting just outside a home in bay point around 3:00 this afternoon. the little girl did not want to be identified but said she and others are demanding answers. >> i don't know. it's just sad right now. i can't eel tell you. it's sad. >> it's so -- there's so much shooting going on. it's like they don't have no heart. they don't even stop when they see the kids. when is it g
student and accused movie theater shooter james holmes. he enrolled at the medical campus in june 2011 but dropped out a year later. now he is accused of killing 12 and injurying 58 others during the batman movie last friday. the judge says giving out that information would hinder an ongoing investigation. holmes is due back in court monday to be formerly charged. >>> response times of ambulances are being questioned after last week's movie theater shooting. the denver post reports at least six nearby medical responders were not called to the scene for more than 20 minutes. in some cases they were never called. aurora's fire chief says he is disappointed that people are second guessing what he calls the exceptional work performed by first responders. >> police in camel are urging witnesses to step forward following that. he was hit by a car. the driver stopped and is cooperating. alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. >>> that person is due back in court, they say she ran a red light and hit a victim in a crosswalk. the victim died later. prosecutors have charged her with fel
is expected to find out what charges he will face this morning. james holmes shot and killed 12 people and injured 58 more. he is expected to face a number of charges including murder, attempted murder, and aggravated assault. this is his second appearance in court but unlike last time cameras will not be allowed in the court. the impact of the shooting is being felt here. >> we remember john larimer. we remember jessica goth. >> this rally was one of 25 similar events held nation-wide organized by jesse jackson rainbow push coalition. they called on lawmakers to tackle the issues of gun control. >> it's time we act like a civilized society and get rid of the automatic weapons. >> the group wants the assault weapons that were banned in 2004 to be reissued. the gun used in the colorado shooting was a semi automatic. members of congress say their agenda is full and they probably won't have time to tackle gun control issues this year. >>> a family is in mourning after a bizarre party bus accident. natasha nolan fell out of a bus on friday night. tara moriarty is live in santa cruz were mo
holmes. he enrolled at the campus in june of 2011. he dropped out a year later. he's accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during the movie the dark knight rises. holmes is due back in court on monday to be formerly charged. >>> response times of the ambulances are being questioned now after last weeks shooting. the denver post reports at least six nearby medical responders were not called to the scene for more than 20 minutes. some cases they were never called at all. the fire chief in aurora, colorado say he is disappointed people are second guessing the exceptional work done by first responders. >>> investigators say chris ran a red light and hit 71-year-old sue chee wi in a market street crosswalk back in march. the victim died a few days later. prosecutors have charged him with felony vehicle manslaughter. >>> keep on eye on facebook stock once again when the markets open. it's already having a rough day. facebook reported quarterly earnings for the first time yesterday. there's where it was when it wept public. it met analyst expectations. but investigators not pleas
tonight that accused colorado movie theater gunman james holmes mailed a notebook about the killings to a colorado university psychologist. the package sat unopened in the university mail room for as long as a week before it was found on monday. it contains crude drawings of a stick figure with the gun, and details of the attack. the university has a different story. the university says the package was delivered on monday, and then found the same day. it's not clear if holmes had prior contact with the psychiatrist. >>> a father killed in that massacre was laid to rest. 51-year-old gordon cowden was the oldest of the victims. >>> disability rights advocates filed a federal lawsuit today against wal-mart, claiming it refuses to make credit card payment terminals accessible to customers in wheelchairs and scooters. you would swipe your card beyond the reach of disabled customers at many of its stores. the class action lawsuit was filed in san francisco by berkely center for independent living and two disabled individuals. wal-mart released a name saying our goal is that every point of
. heather holmes is live where she attended a meeting to discuss the changes. >> reporter: we're standing at the corner and none of them used the stop sign. it is a curvy road that some say is used more like a freeway. >> you see speed, we see turning violations, we see stop sign violations. >> reporter: an alternate rout for those looking to avoid san pablo avenue. >> a lot of people will come down here looking for a quicker way home. >> reporter: but the shortcut is challenging with drivers forced to navigate a tricky curve, pedestrians and bicycles. >> it's a very dynamic area, a lot going on. >> reporter: city officials discussed improvement to the roads. the improvements come after the death of gene smith last month. >> we have always said never to cross at that crosswalk because it's not safe. >> reporter: smith followed her children's advice that day and did what nearly every pedestrian does, crossed illegally where visibility is better. she made it across the road only to be struck by a bicycles. >> at that particular location there's a barrier of bushes between the roadway and a
category this year. heather holmes sat down with the police chief and asked about a shift in strategy. the report shows how tough the last seven months have been. i spoke to the chief about the numbers and how he plans to bring them down. 2:30 this afternoon a man is shot and seriously wounded while driving at 35th and foothill in oakland. >> people are very, very brazen. >> reporter: 30 minutes later the chief was talking with us about dealing the up tick in crime and the bold criminal who have surprised him by striking any time of day >>> there just aren't as many police? >> i believe that does play a role in that. >> reporter: last week oakland saw one of its most violent week. seven people shot and killed in seven days. one of the victims a 15-year- old boy. >> i don't want people to panic but just trust that we know what we are doing and we have a plan. >> reporter: that includes reassigning officers, consolidating units and putting more pressure on those causing the problem. the crime problem here is daunting, not only are homicides up, assaults, rape, and robbery has also in
the university of colorado in denver from releasing any records from the accused shooter james holmes. he dropped out a year later. he's now accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during the showing of the new batman movie the dark knight rises last friday. the judge says giving that information would impede a continuing investigation. holmes is due in court on monday to be formerly charged. and response times of ambulances are being questioned now after last weeks shooting in colorado. the denver post reports at least six nearby medical responders were not called to the scene for more than 20 minutes. some cases they were never called at all. the aurora, colds fire chief says he's disappointed people are second guessing what he calls the exceptional work by the first responders. >>> london has been preparing for the 2012 summer olympics for years. today is the day the games begin. erin mclaughlin our bay area girl from walnut creek is in london to tell us about the excitement and also about the concerns. how does security look? >> reporter: well, so far so good, pam. excitement is r
made a stop at a memorial outside a theater where authorities say james holmes opened fire killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. >>> also today authorities returned to holmes important. cnn is reporting it was boobie trapped with more than 30 handmade grenades, 10-gallons of gasolines and an array of trip wire. >>> and today in congress, a moment of silence for the victims. >>> former congresswoman gabriel giffords is scaling new heights. giffords and mark kelly traveled to the french alps. they're in europe to visit a laboratory that made equipment for the nasa international space station. >>> police are looking for a car shooting suspect. they say his name is kenyon thomas of oakland. he is armed and should be considered dangerous. >>> police arrest another suspect in connection with that shooting about 3:00 this morning. following a three hour stand off. two other suspects are also in custody. police say the four were involved in a ramming and then shooting of a chp patrol car on interstate 880 last saturday night. no one was hurt in that incident. >>> new at 10:00, a plan to
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